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  • Shout Outs
  • "A blend of business advice and spiritual teachings for the 21st century."
  • - Newsweek
  • "Charming and Profound. An insightful guide to internal growth and transformation."
  • - Publishers Weekly
  • "Ping is a reminder of the importance of living an intentional life."
  • - Financial Express
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Ping the Book

Ping has leaped into the hearts of readers worldwide! Follow the journey of Ping the frog, the international phenomenon translated in over 40 languages with over a million copies sold. Endearing in its warmth and exhilarating in its wisdom, the story of Ping has resonated across cultures and boundaries around the globe.

Leap at Life's Possibilities




Join the heroic Journey of Ping the frog, a traveler's tale for this time and all time. The story of Ping is a celebration that honors the past, energizes the present, and can profoundly shape the direction of your future by providing insights to help deal with the daily rapids of challenge and change. Ping is a liberating invitation that urges us all to make a leap at life's possibilities beyond the existing horizon of what is, into a more exciting world of what can be.

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